NS SPOSA accepts your exchange requests for unused merchandise, which are notified in writing within 14 days from the date the non-customized dresses you have purchased are delivered to you.

However, since Online Shopping is made to order, it is not possible to return it.
Special orders made at the request of our customers cannot be exchanged or returned.

- Refund & Exchange shipping fee belongs to the buyer.
- Exchanges and refund are not available on discounted merchandise.

The merchandise that are requested to be changed must be sent for exchange as they were sent, free of defects and with their original package / accessories.
For faulty or defective products, a written notification must be made to  [email protected] 
within 24 hours from the delivery date.

We would like to remind you that the cargo for the products you want to change is your responsibility until the products reach the NSSPOSA store and that the exchange shipping cost must be paid by you.


Returnable and Non-Returnable Merchandise

NS SPOSA Customized merchandise are not refundable.
Defective merchandise damaged in shipping or at any stage, merchandise that cannot be supplied, and merchandise that are defective from the beginning are included in the scope of urgent refund.

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